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Restaurants in Dover

We have inspected and dined at each of the restaurants we recommend, some have changed over time due to changes in quality, so you can feel confident that each of these restaurants are recommended for their good food, good service and ambience, and value for money; all are “The Best in Dover”.

Choose from the Best Indian; Chinese; Italian and Pub Restaurant. Please see their entries below for details.

For those with websites, just click on the advert to open their site in a new window.


Whether you need secure car-parking whilst you are on holiday, or a taxi, we can help; we can offer all these services (see the entries below for details); we recommend all these companies, which offer the highest standards of service and competitive rates; if you need currency; Dover Eurochange in Townwall Street (next to the Tourist Information Centre) can help; with long opening hours (longer than the Banks’); the best rates (better than the Banks’); low commission rates (lower than the Banks’), you can make your money go further by changing it at Dover Eurochange.

Shopping in Dover and looking for good quality designer clothes at High Street prices? look no further than De Bradelei’s on Dover’s Waterfront.


Dover is famous for its History:
Dover Castle, atop The White Cliffs of Dover, now English Heritage’s Premier site (Two for one vouchers available).

Dover Museum showing the history of the Town, now has the Bronze Age Boat Gallery (this boat was ferrying people between England and France at the same time as the Phaoro’s ruled Egypt), and is older than Moses.

Dover Tourist Information Service, offers very helpful advice and all the information visitors could need on all aspects of local history, historic sites and attractions (and those in the nearby countryside).

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